So It Begins

Beginning. As usual I should introduce myself, but I honestly think that, for you dear readers, it’s better to stick with me in next couple posts in order to get to know my taste in music, cars, girls etc.

Well I should probably explain why did I start this blog in first place. To be honest with you, I really don’t have a particular reason. Sounds silly, but like most bloggers I just want to type, and express myself through various texts, and my current state of mind. I seriously don’t like talking about myself, because one cannot be truly honest when it comes to describing himself. We are not aware of our flaws most of the time, and as for pros, I think that one of the first things we say about us would be: “I’m a good person” . Isn’t that kind of cliché? I haven’t met a single person that can say the opposite. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure if I should write about me at all, because it doesn’t really matter who I am and what I look like. What matters is that stuff that I’ll write about concerns me, and others will more or less relate to it.

In case you really want to know, my name is Željko and at this point I’m 24 years old. And yes, I know what you’re probably thinking right now, it’s hard to pronounce so I prefer my foreign friends call me simply Z.

Shortlist of what I enjoy in life:

  • Music (various genres, aswell as production)
  • Sport (if it includes ball, or wheels, that’s my thing)
  • Motorcycles (proud owner of Kawasaki er6n)
  • Video games (you name it, I played it)


As said above, I don’t want to waste this beautiful white space on me anymore. Believe me there will come time where I’m going to write about every bit of myself. But till next time, enjoy life. And don’t forget… We are all mad here!



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